To request a copy of a program, please call, email or come in to LMC-TV at:

740 West Boston Post Road
Suite 311
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
914 381-2002 x202,

Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, Title of Show, brief description of contents (e.g., Mamaroneck School Board Meeting xx/xx/xxxx) and date show aired.

*Copies cost $15: DVD

**Non-profits ordering 25 copies of more of a single program receive a reduced rate of $10/copy. All orders must be submitted together.

LMC-TV Equipment is provided free of charge to Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community Members for Non-Commercial Projects that will air on LMC-TV.

Below are Commercial rates for all others:

Portable Equipment:  
Sony HVR-Z7U, 3CMOS HDV Camcorder $300/day 
Sony HVR-Z1U, 3CMOS HDV Camcorder $300/day 

Electrovoice 635/A, HH Omni Microphone, Silver $10/day
Electrovoice RE-50/B, HH Omni Microphone, Black $20/day
Sennheiser ME 66/K6, Shotgun Condenser Mic $40/day
Sony ECM-44B, Lavalier Microphone $20/day
Shure MX412 D/C, Gooseneck package (4 mics) $60/day
Samson UHF Series 1, Wireless HH and Lav Kit $40/day
Audio Technica ATW-U102 Wireless Adapter kit $25/day
Flag Box $5/day
Sony MDR-7505, Professional Head Phones $10/day
Gitzo G557 Boom Pole with AT-8415 Shock Mount $20/day
Ulitmate JS-MCRB100, round base straight mic stand $5/day
QuikLok A-346 Mic stand w/Tripod base & 22-40 Telescopic Boom $8/day
Shure FP31, Portable ENG or EFP audio mixer $40/day
Manfrotto 3283B with 501 (3433) Pro Video Head $60
Manfrotto 3211WN with 501 (3433) Pro Video Head $50/day
LIBEC LS-22 H22 HD/T58 $25/day
Velbon Videomate 607  $10/day
Sony HVL-20 DW2, Camera Mounted Light $10/day
Lowell Tota Kit- 2 Omni Lights, 1 Tota Light $70/day
Arri ARR-3571985 300/650 Fresnel Combo Kit (4 lights) $125/day
On-line editing studio two $50/hr unassisted
  $75/hr assisted
Final Cut Pro editing $50/hr unassisted
  $85/hour assisted
Hard drive 250 GB G-Drive Mini $90/week
Studio One: Mamaroneck High School $200/hour (4 hour minimum)
Studio Two 145 Library Lane $200/hour (4 hour minimum)
Studio Manager $35-55/hour (4 hour minimum)
Crew Personel $25-50/hour (4 hour minimum)
Other Field Equipment  
Sony portable Monitor  $25/day
Screen for Projector
Focus Enhancement FS-5, Portable DTE Recorder
Petrol PRC-10, Rain Covers for PD-170 $15/day
Cables, XLR or BNC Cable per 100 feet $10/day
Camerapersons/Technical Crew $25-55/hour (4 hour  minimum)
Portable "Studio in a Box" package $650/24 hours
       package includes:  
       1 Audio cable, 1 Video cube, 3 feld cameras, 3 tripods  
       Tota light lie and microphones